Maury Davis

Maury Davis, serving as senior pastor at Cornerstone Church in Nashville has provided his services to the church for more than 25 years now. He has been preaching the message of favor and grace to all those people who visit his ministry on a weekly basis. The international ministry at the Cornerstone Church is known for creating a great atmosphere of sheer excellence and for its spread of vision. The international ministry at the church has partnered throughout the world and has dealt into building churches, orphanages and schools in different nations. Davis has taken his calling seriously in order to overcome his life changing experience. Over the years, Davis has developed this strong passion for training the next generation of pastors so that they are equipped with the skills that can help them in leading their congregations and growing their churches. Consulting and coaching are the two endeavors that Davis has taken up in order to be of good use for his junior pastors.

Maury Davis


Coaching, as per Maury Davis, is basically an in-depth procedure involving introspection, analysis and retrospection for determining key weaknesses and strengths that provide individuals with the ladder to reach next levels. This is a procedure that either occurs in group settings or one-on-one creating growth organizationally and individually. It is a kind of relationship which continues even beyond concise problems and solutions formatting. Coaching makes way for the personal growth of an individual along with corporate growth for obtaining almost any objective. The coaching delivered by Davis will surely allow an individual to make use of his or her natural talents, determine one’s aptitudes and work in cooperation with a coach for winning in life, in career and in one’s ministry.


Just as the coaching procedure helps in preparing an individual for development long-term, consulting accelerates the rate of development of an individual by scrutinizing, growing and creating plans that work towards the growth of a church and towards moving churches from decline or incremental growth. In the year 1991, Maury Davis served as a completely new and inexperienced pastor for a tiny and struggling congregation. During this time, Davis got the privilege of leading the Cornerstone Church in Nashville for around 25 years. At present, there are a lot of people attending the church on a weekly basis and this reach of the church has been exemplary. Davis’s procedures, methods and policies of growing a church have been expanded, analyzed and they have also been proven true. Maury’s idea of consulting is analyses, explorations and conversations regarding new plans for pinpointing useful steps that help an individual in moving forward and moving onward. It helps in identifying the areas of frustration and pain and even the specific steps that need to be taken for achieving greater success.

How do Davis’s Coaching and Consulting Help?

Maury Davis’s international ministry at Cornerstone Church in Nashville works with the vision and the mission of helping the junior pastors lead a purposeful life by teaching people and by bringing changes into the lives of people. The greatest business professionals and athletes worldwide take the services of expert coaches for maintaining the constant pursuit for excellence. It would be right to say that people who take the services of coaches are generally more productive in comparison to the people who do not have coaches to guide them. Maury Davis has pastured for around twenty-five years; however, in the last couple of years coaching has transformed his church and his ministry. It is due to his years of ministry, his personal experience and his passion for changing the lives of people that Davis has completely committed himself to supporting others in moving continually onward and upwards. This has become the prime motive of Davis’s life and he has never turned away from making a difference in the lives of people. The coaching and the consulting endeavor that Davis has taken up will surely go a long way in helping his junior pastors work towards transforming the lives of those who are disgraced.

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