Aug 16

Cornerstone Church Nashville Wants You to Ask These Questions Before Attending Church

3At Cornerstone Church Nashville, we know worship isn’t just about what you do when you go to church but rather the things you do on a daily basis.  The best worship is a continuation of positive things every day.  You need to worship God by getting ready to meet him, worshiping him with the people you know, and by following his word.  Here are the top questions to ask yourself prior to going to church this weekend.

  1. Do I really expect to see God at church?

If you do, that will change everything in your life.  When people seek God, he comes for them, cleanses them, and makes them Holy.

  1. Will my sins prevent the work of God upon me?

Absolutely not.  God is a forgiver and he will forgive you for the sins you have committed.  As long as you genuinely ask for forgiveness, God will forgive everything.

  1. Will this be the first time I genuinely pray?

If so, God will welcome you with open arms into his place of worship and bring you and your heart closer to him.

  1. Would I donate to help God’s work?

Giving money is one way to help God, but it isn’t the only way.  Here at Cornerstone Church Nashville, we want you to give your heart, talents, and abilities, because that’s what matters the most to God.  Nothing you give will ever be compared to what God has given you, but that’s a great start.

  1. Am I planning on listening to the preaching?

Sometimes people struggle to listen to the word of God.  People’s reasons vary, but the result is always the same—they don’t pay attention.  If you don’t plan on listening intently, then you’re going to miss everything God has in store for you, which is a lot.

  1. Will I pray for those who are proclaiming the word of God?

Many people forget to pray for those who proclaim the word of God, like the pastor of your church.  Don’t leave your pastor uncovered and let them fight the battle by themselves.  You need to pray for them too, because they pray for you.

  1. If God shows up in my life, will I welcome him?

God has been known to show up in people lives in many ways, shapes, and forms.  Will you welcome him with open arms?  Worship is most genuine when the person worshiping is waiting for God and ready to welcome him.

  1. Will things change if I start going to church?

Absolutely they will.  Things are going to get better and better for you.  God will change your life in many ways you can’t even imagine.

What other questions will you ask before going to church?  Are you ready to go to church this weekend?  Here at Cornerstone Church Nashville, we can’t wait to see you and welcome you into our family.

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