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Pastor Maury Davis’s Thoughts on Gay Marriage

Maury Davis, the pastor at Cornerstone Church Nashville is of the view that all Christians, irrespective of the fact that whether they follow the John 8:7 or reside in glass houses, should start emptying stones that they have in their pockets. According to John 8:7, an individual who has never committed a sin in his or her lifetime should be the first one to throw a stone at the one who has committed a certain sin. But, it is a global misconception that knowing the truth is acceptable and speaking the truth is socially intolerable. This has been presumably applicable for all those individuals who have a disgraced past and this is known to Maury Davis very well.

Maury Davis

The Topic of Homosexuality

Maury Davis was a convicted murderer. At present, even after forty long years, which includes an eight and a half years imprisonment and more than ten years of verified reform, is continually criticized and remains the source of controversies for his outspoken sermons in regards to biblical truth. Before the decision of the Supreme Court in regards to gay marriage, Davis’s stance and comments on gay marriage gathered negative appeal from the entire liberal community. At present, when homosexuality has considerably become a hot topic nationally, Davis is being accused of hating the gays and of being intolerant on social media.

Davis’s Say on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage

In the Cornerstone Church in Nashville, all those individuals who are gay are acknowledged by Maury Davis. He publicly declares his profound love for these people and even stresses on the point that he serves as their pastor despite the point that he completely disagrees with the life that they lead. Davis compares his love for the gays to the love that he actually has for all the overweight individuals in his congregation and under his guidance and care. Greed has been listed as a deadly sin. In spite of this, the United States has a completely straightforward viewpoint on the things that really matter in the life of an individual. Thus, being acceptable socially is one of the best compliments that can be paid nowadays. However, Davis proclaims all sin within his congregation and not the trendy ones only. He further says that homosexual lifestyle is not accepted by God and this is not judgement. This is truth and Davis speaks this truth by way of love.

Maury’s Say on Love

According to Maury, love is not a feeling or an emotion. Love is an act that is based particularly on righteousness. People should not have a wrong concept of what love is in reality. In spite of the public sin that Davis has behind him, he stands strong in truth and love and is hopeful of the fact that people will surely know the God who changed their lives. He is of the view that people should forget judgement and stones. What they should actually remember is to use truth, words and most importantly,  love.

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